Slava Voynov will ask NHL to end suspension; lawyer claims his rights ‘infringed’

Slava Voynov will ask NHL to end suspension; lawyer claims his rights ‘infringed’

Redondo Beach police are scheduled to meet with the district attorney on Monday to discuss charges against Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov, who was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence last month.

Which is to say that he hasn’t been charged yet, and his lawyer believes that it’s time for Voynov to challenge the NHL’s indefinite suspension, which has kept Voynov off the ice (but paid regularly) since Oct. 19.

Speaking with the LA Times, Rolland Hedges said:

“The player hasn’t been charged with any offense at this point and it’s very difficult for the NHL. We understand that," Hedges said. "The NHLPA, we understand that, as well. But there comes a point where the player's rights have to be looked at. From this point forward, the player is going to see what can be done to have the suspension lifted. The player has no control over the criminal prosecution at this point, nor should he." 

"But he has cooperated with everything he’s been asked to do. All he’s doing is to look forward to get back to playing hockey. If he is subsequently charged, he looks forward to defending himself on those charges, if in fact they do occur."                                                                                                           

That last part isn’t necessarily accurate.

According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, Voynov has yet to participate in the NHL’s own investigation of the domestic violence incident and that the League won’t consider lifting its suspension until he does.

After the arrest, Yahoo’s Nick Cotsonika asked NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly about the timeline for a decision on Voynov, and whether the League will wait for the legal process to play out before lifting the suspension.

“Process and timeline will be dictated, at least in part, by how the player decides to proceed vis-a-vis the ongoing criminal investigation. It is possible the league process could be accelerated and completed before the full legal process plays out, but it’s also possible that it may not,” he said.

Hedges said that it's time he and his client push back on that suspension. "There comes a point where you just can't sit back," he said. "I think his rights are being infringed right now. That's the unfortunate part of this process."


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