Slash autumn in the shins with your hockey stick rake (Puck Treasures)

The temperatures are dropping, which means, depending on your drought conditions, the leaves will be doing the same soon.

Say, is there a way to combine your love of hockey with the rigors of leaf collection each fall? WHY YES THERE IS!

The Hockey Stick Rake is a thing that exists. It appears to be a street hockey stick with a blade that’s been transformed into a giant plastic claw. (That sound you just heard was Milan Lucic running to get his copy of the NHL rulebook and then finding someone to read him the section that determines the legality of this potential maiming device …)

From Hidden Treasures, via eBay and apparently edited by Puck Daddy writers:

Are you tired of raking the old fashion way?? Why not try the rake with a Hockey Stick shaft. This fun rake allows user to practice the slapshot motion while raking.

(Ed. Note: This may or may not have been one of Walter Gretzky’s drills for Wayne.)

Training tool for young hockey players or a great gift for the hockey fan. This includes free shipping to a commercial address with a loading dock or a location with a forklift on site. Buy these and resell them for your local fundraiser.

As you can see, this offer is for a bulk order of 500 rake sticks for $4,500. Or you can get 1,000 of them on Amazon for $6,325. Hey, we’re not math majors, but …

It's obviously well worth the price. In fact, how did this incredible invention miss out on an appearance on “Shark Tank”?

Robert would have bowed out due to an unfamiliarity with leaf collection. Daymond would have bowed out due to an unfamiliarity with hockey. Kevin would have dismissed the product but bid on the patent to create other hockey stick-based garden tools. Mark would have gone into a 45 minute diatribe about the NHL’s business model. And Lori would have successfully partnered with them in order to sell the stick rakes on QVC Canada.

So there you have it, folks: The Hockey Stick Rake. Your chance to participate in that annual autumn rite for NHL teams, fans and media and pile on the Leafs. (Although Randy Carlyle will no doubt downplay the importance of your collection numbers.

Bid with confidence!

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