Our six favorite things about the Kings’ Stanley Cup parade

The Los Angeles Kings held their Stanley Cup parade and rally Thursday, riding through the streets of downtown Los Angeles through a blizzard of black and silver confetti, on buses and flatbed trucks, dressed in shorts and flip flops. Then, they headed inside the Staples Center for one last hurrah.

It was a lot of fun. How much fun? "Too much fun not to win it again," Anze Kopitar told the LA crowd. Here are our 6 favorite things about the Kings' Cup parade:

6. Jim Fox gets all choked up

It's been said many times, but the Stanley Cup can make a grown man cry, and we never tire of seeing this statement come true. Jim Fox, who played nine seasons for the Kings before becoming a Kings' broadcaster in 1990, struggled to hold it together while explaining his excitement for telling children the Kings have won a Stanley Cup. It was a sweet and long-awaited moment.

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5. Fan Catharsis

Speaking of long-awaited moments: The LA fanbase has taken a lot of flak throughout this postseason for being heartily represented by bandwagoners and B-listers chasing the hot ticket. But, while it's true that some are only onboard to champion the champions, there are plenty of longsuffering fans that have waited decades to attend a Stanley Cup parade in downtown Los Angeles.

It was great to see them finally get their moment.

The fan catharsis was palpable, and it only added to the incredible atmosphere throughout the parade. Darth Vader, last seen trying to force choke Marek Zidlicky into a turnover, also added to the atmosphere.

To get a sense of the atmosphere, check out this awesome panorama view from the LA Times.

4. This photo of Matt Greene

Most of the Kings had done away with their playoff face forests, although a few had instead opted to re-style them. Dustin Penner's handlebar moustache has been getting most of the attention, but Matt Greene's yellow duster deserves a mention too, especially in this picture:

He looks like he's about to bodyslam the Cup and give it a stinky leg drop.

3. TIE: Darryl Sutter's fist-pumps/Darryl Sutter's sweater

Darryl Sutter deserves a mention for showing he's not quite sure what to do his body now that it houses the soul of a Stanley Cup champion. His best guess: put the worst, burgundiest sweater imaginable on it, and make it do awkward fist-pumps, like so:

SB Nation has the Sutter fist-pump gif the world needs. It's like he was working in a new set of arms or something.

2. Darryl Sutter's standing ovation

But Sutter's earned the right to look like that, and he's also earned the right to the huge standing ovation that preceded his speech at the Kings' Cup rally.

"It's an incredible day. Everybody enjoy it and.... stay out of trouble."

We get the feeling he says that a lot.

1. Jonathan Quick's profanity-laden speech

Jonathan Quick already showed that he isn't the best at censoring himself in the moment during his interview with Pierre McGuire just after the Kings won the cup, and he was sober then. Considering he didn't appear to be during his speech at the Cup rally, it shouldn't surprise anyone that that he forgot he was on live television again Thursday. Warning: NSFW for Strong Language.

"How 'bout this f****** team right here?"

How about it indeed.

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