Sing along with ‘When The Leafs Were Good’, an 82-year-old’s cynical ode to Toronto hockey (VIDEO)

Previously on Puck Daddy, we featured a 3-year-old Toronto Maple Leafs fan lamenting the NHL lockout. Now, please join us at the other end of the temporal spectrum, as 82-year-old Hugh Oliver sings a jaunty little ditty about the Leafs through the years … with, as expected, a healthy dose of cynicism.

Unless, of course, the Leafs' most recent success did in fact come "when the Earth was cooling."

Sorry, did he just suggest Leafs fans should have tossed Harold Ballard's salad?

Overall, Hugh seems like a rather optimistic fellow, so the Leafs haven't necessarily lost the octogenarian busker demo. But let's state the obvious here: Time is obviously running short for him.

Brian Burke, we mean.