Here’s Sidney Crosby on new Sports Illustrated cover

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is on one of the covers for this week’s Sports Illustrated, which is obviously good news for the New York Islanders (cough, jinx, cough).

Here’s Mr. Intensity:

While we're intrigued to learn this “amazing thing,” there’s really no arguing the “most amazing player” part. Which is a nice down-shift on the hyperbole engine after that “The Chicago Blackhawks Dragged The Lifeless Carcass Of The NHL Back From Hell” cover from earlier this year.

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This is Sidney Crosby’s sixth SI cover. He had two dedicated to the 2010 Winter Olympics; one after the Penguins won the 2009 Stanley Cup, titled “The Kid And The Cup”; another on a commemorative issue for that victory; and a cameo appearance on a Detroit Red Wings-centric cover in 2009.

The other regional cover this week is on Steph Curry, and it’s very yellow.