Sidney Crosby, Ryan Miller and the meeting vs. NHL owners; Team Canada roster (Puck Headlines)

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• Via Paul Bissonnette's Twitter feed, this hilarious exchange between BizNasty and Evgeni Malkin on Twitter.

• Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres on the players/owners meeting: "I hope we all get a better feel of what each side truly needs. On our side anyone can talk to the media or attend meetings, so I am hopeful that having more owners join the conversation we can get somewhere and break up this monopoly 4-5 owners have had on deal making. I am really disappointed that no moderate owners have stopped the madness. Hopefully they will after the board of governors convene." [Buffalo News]

• Great stuff from Rob Rossi on Sidney Crosby, Ron Burkle and the players/owners meeting this week: "In a conference room where players are not built to star Crosby cannot play on an owner's level, but in Burkle he has a partner he can trust. He and Burkle are not as close as he and Lemieux, but they are tight. There is no animosity, and it is easy to see how Crosby and Burkle can relate beyond owner and player. They are deeply private people often being pulled in many directions because of their statures. They know what it is like to have every action scrutinized. They know what it is like for people to depend on them. They get each other. Their relationship is a model one for billionaire owners and millionaire players." [Tribune Review]

• Crosby and Jonathan Toews are expected to be on the players' side of the meeting. [TSN]

• Is Gary Bettman's job on the line in the CBA talks? [Eye on Hockey]

• Dater on the lockout: "I'd love to see Fehr actually have to represent actual working people. That would probably cure him of his charade pretending he's Joe Hill fighting for real folk. Fehr has spent nearly all his professional life equating the "struggle" of professional athletes to that of firemen and policemen and teachers fighting for 2 percent wage hikes on low five-figure salaries." [Denver Post]

• Good stuff from Dave Pagnotta on the NHL's CBA talks, John Collins as well as a KHL team in deep financial trouble. [The Fourth Period]

• Outdoor hockey coming back to Fenway in 2014? []

• Buzzing the Net has your breakdown of the Team Canada world junior camp roster. Will Nathan MacKinnon make the cut? [BTN]

• Chris Peters projects the USA camp roster. [US of Hockey]

• Why it's so hard for fans to quit the NHL: "I probably should give up all of that because my league is run like a freak show at the circus. I KNOW it is — but I wouldn't ask anyone to give up the thing that makes them happiest or builds the best memories. I'd challenge anyone to straight out walk away from what they loved." [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• Jack Todd wants to see fans mobilize against the NHL through social media, rather than what they usually use it for, which is to mobilize against Jack Todd. [Gazette]

• "A judge's decision to sentence Graham James to two years in prison for repeatedly sexually abusing two junior hockey players was neither clear nor rational, the Crown told court Monday." [Examiner]

• The worst logos used by every NHL team. In a slideshow. [Bleacher Report]

• Patrick Burke's You Can Play project is on the verge of a big announcement with the NCAA. [Outsports]

• Limited bodychecking in hockey? No please. [MPR]

• Finally, via The Sporting News, here are the Charlotte Checkers doing some incredibly terrible Star Wars impressions.

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