Sidney Crosby is rich; Mediators aren’t sorcerors; 1936 Boston Bruins looking dapper (Puck Headlines)

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• We've featured the odd little tale of the Landshut Cannibals sponsorship deal with German brothel Lustra before (and by all means, go read up on it if it's new to you). But I don't think I've ever seen the back of the jersey, which features a naked lady looking at a hand holding a bone. Subtle. (Related: Lustra is now my favourite brothel. I never thought I'd have a favourite brothel.) [Reddit]

• The NHL's highest-paid player, when you factor in salary and endorsements? Sidney Crosby. [Forbes]

• Today's must-click: 25 photos of the 1936 Boston Bruins being ridiculously dapper. [Buzzfeed]

• Donald Fehr, on mediators: "The presence of an outsider can give you a perspective perhaps that is not immediately ascertainable when you're on the inside and that would be helpful. But I don't want to kid anybody, a mediator has no special powers, he can't order anyone to do anything, he can't say this is the contract." No special powers? I knew we should have gotten sorcerers. [Sportsnet]

• Could the NHL pull the $211 million make whole provision? [Cult of Hockey]

• Brad Richards, on Roman Hamrlik: "It's frustrating to see a player and not really know what he's talking about sometimes." [New York Daily News]

• Jeremy Jacobs is totally not helping to end this lockout. In fact, Joe Haggerty thinks he should he held responsible for it. [CSNNE]

• Katie Baker visits Minnesota, hockey's Big Rock Candy Mountain. [Grantland]

• Vancouver Canucks' goaltender Cory Schneider signs in Switzerland. [Vancouver Sun]

• Who is Kevin Westgarth? "The son of two veterinarians in Amherstburg, Ont., Westgarth is the kind of unique soul who asks to watch as a doctor pieces the fighter's mangled hand back together." Oh, so he's batcrap insane. Got it. [The Globe & Mail]

• Should Ryan Nugent-Hopkins go to the World Juniors or stay in Oklahoma City? [Edmonton Journal]

• When should a trade be vetoed in a fantasy hockey league? [Dobber Hockey]

• I want an NHL season for Christmas. [Williston Herald]

• The City of Glendale voted 4-2 in favour of the Coyotes' lease agreement. Here's a first-person account of how it went down, complete with just a smattering of overheard racism directed at Councilperson Alvarez. [Howlin Hockey]

• Speaking of racism, a Peewee goalie was suspended for multiple racist incidents with teammates. What the heck. [Buzzing the Net]

• And while we're on the subject of social backwardness: there are two leagues in Stephenville, a mixed league and a girls league. Minor hockey coach Brent Watkins thinks it's unfair that the girls who make the mixed league get all that extra practice time in the girls league. So unfair that he's filed a human rights complaint. Watkins hopes he and the league can come up with a solution without the human rights commission. I would argue that the league already did when they ignored him. [CBC]

• And finally, here's St. Louis Blues' mascot Louie showing some students at College Bound how to get down. That bear's got some dope moves.

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