Sidney Crosby’s popularity forces Tim Hortons to complete song from ‘jump the boards’ ad

Perhaps you've seen the new Sidney Crosby commercial from Tim Hortons, the one where the Penguins' captain hops the boards and is followed by "real Canadian hockey fans" (a.k.a. actors), yet only six goalies, proving the Canadian goaltending crisis is even bigger than we've been led to believe?

If not, here it is again:

It's pretty popular here in Canada, and it's not hard to see why: Canadians love schmaltz, and they love Sidney Crosby even more. Mix the two together, and you're going to see success.

Too much success, as it turns out: while Tim Hortons expected Sidney Crosby to move you (and product), but they didn't expect him to move you (and product) this much. The company was caught completely off-guard when moony, Crosby-smitten Canadians began clamouring where they could find the full version of the song that plays over it.

(Yes, clamouring. Americans clamor. Canadians clamour.)

The answer? Nowhere. There was no full version. While it sounds like a real song -- hex, it sounds like every second indie anthem on the radio these days -- it's not. Tim Hortons paid a marketing company, Grayson Matthews, who write them a minute of meaningless, inspirational garbage. Look at these lyrics:

The northern lights are calling
The siren screams our name
The drums keep on pounding
You will know our name

Let us run let us run
Til' the ends have come undone
And we've let the world know that we will not be overcome

Uh huh.

Unwilling to burst the bubble of their customers -- you were taken in by what is, essentially, a musical lab monster -- Tim Hortons went back to Grayson Matthews and commissioned a full version. On Thursday, "Let's Run" got a proper release.

You can thank Sidney Crosby for that.

Now I sort of wish they'd used "Don't Panic" by Coldplay. That's the band's best song by a landslide, and unless Sidney Crosby gets involved, it will remain infuriatingly short.

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