Sidney Crosby, Boston Bruins take the ice bucket challenge for charity (Video)

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Many of us douse ourselves in icy water during the summer because, well, it’s the summer. But a social media charity drive has turned “The Ice Bucket Challenge” into a viral sensation, and Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby is the latest sports celebrity to get saturated (and brave the inevitable shrinkage). 

The Challenge was created by Boston College baseball player Pete Frates and Pat Quinn, both of whom are battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's Disease. The premise is simple: Fill a bucket with ice water; call out Strike Out ALS for Peter Frates or Quinn For The Win or the fight against ALS; and then let the frozen wave crash over your body.

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(What a summer: The Spurs hire a woman as an assistant coach and male athletes participate in a wet T-shirt contest.)

According to the ALS Association (via Mashable), donations have increased four-fold since the challenge began in late July. 

Which brings us back to Sidney Crosby, who is celebrating a birthday on Aug. 7. (Hopefully he’s decided to kick back and do nothing today. Like he was playing the Blue Jackets in the playoffs or something.)

Crosby was called out by Craig Adams, his Pittsburgh Penguins teammate, in Adams’ Ice Bucket Challenge video:

Crosby met the challenge in a video posted by the Penguins:

(We kinda wish Sid’s entire wardrobe was black shorts and yellow shirts, like Charlie Brown.)

Marc-Andre Fleury and Pascal Dupuis are now on the clock!

The Penguins aren’t the only NHL team on the challenge. The Boston Bruins supported Frates by having a series of players participate in the challenge, starting with Gregory Campbell:

(So brave.)

Followed by Brad Marchand, proving rats can swim …

… who called out Torey Krug, whose success here will no doubt be credited to the Bruins' power play …

… who called out Milan Lucic, who threatened to murder the water if it made him cold ...

…who called out Dennis Seidenberg, who is used to carrying his teammates and does the same with this ice bucket...

… who called out Zdeno Chara, but they're still looking for a fire ladder or small crane to accomplish this. 

Meanwhile, Krug also called out Matt Bartkowski …

… and Marchand challenged Chris Kelly …

… who challenged Patrice Bergeron, who bettah have named that oar “Bobby,” kid </ Bahstun> …

Johnny Boychuk, meanwhile was challenged and accepted ….

… who challenged Daniel Paille …

… who challenged Dougie Hamilton.

Seriously, if this Boston Bruins daisy chain of ice water dousing doesn’t end up with a shivering, drenched Mike Milbury calling out Jeremy Jacobs, our summer is ruined.

The rest of the hockey world is catching on as well. Here’s former Tampa Bay Lightning player Ryan Shannon:

#IceBucketChallenge @PeteFrates3 from @kannon203. U R up @RyanKeller84 @m_shannonigans @Dfritsche49 @14CBaltisberger

— Ryan Shannon (@ryanshannon22) August 6, 2014

Great job all. Wonder if the Puck Daddy crew shouldn’t join the effort. Well, save for Leahy, because he's made of sugar. 

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