Sick shootout move by Patrick Seifert on German ‘Hockey Day’ (Video)

The Augsburger Panther held their “hockey day” on Saturday, in which the Deutsche Eishockey Liga’s players competed for who had the hardest shot, the fastest stride and could eat the most saurerbraten in one sitting. (Honestly, we’re a little hazy on the details.)

Patrick Seifert is a defenseman for the Panther. We’re not sure how often he’s called upon for shootouts, but this move makes a compelling argument for his future participation.

A little between the legs action had the goalie thinking he was about to be Hertl’d, and then Seifert brings it back to the backhand for the finish. Which is rather nasty.

Seifert has played for the Panther since 2009 and has 18 points. So yeah, maybe he caught the netminder a little off-guard.

Side note: Any chance this team has had an Augsburger Sex Panther Night? It's illegal in nine countries, but we're not sure about Germany. It's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.