Sick hockey goal: Watch high-school player toy with defensemen (Video)

We’re in the late stages of August, which means we’re getting forever closer to actual hockey highlights from actual hockey games, which is always a good thing. In the meantime, here’s an amuse-bouche from the Connecticut high school ranks from earlier this year:

Maybe you’ve see this goal before – it made the SportsCenter Top 10 back in May, apparently – but it was new to us. That’s Newington/Berlin's BJ Richard abusing three defenders before roofing a goal against New Fairfield-Immaculate in the quarterfinal of a Division III Connecticut playoff tournament.

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Granted, that’s a beer-league level of defense on display – what happened to “play the puck, not the man”? – but seeing Richard dance through the defense before taking it high on the keeper was rather beautiful.

Again, just a cool highlight we stumbled on during August. And it had been a while since we posted some hockey sickness. Carry on.