Sick goal from German league is skate kick-tastic (Video)

Louke Oakley has both incredible offensive hockey prowess and a first-name that auto-corrects to “Louie.”

The 25-year-old Whitby, Ontario native plays for EV Regensburg, a German Tier 3 team, where he has 101 points in 36 games this season, which is a pretty good pace.

One of his 49 goals was this one, scored against Blue Devils Weiden, which venerable hockey footage collector Robert Soderlind believes could be the “sickest” of the year, for what that’s worth.

It is, indeed, pretty sick: He kicks the puck to his stick twice, the second time as he slices through the defense. Then for good measure, he shoots the puck between his legs through the goalie to score, because of course he does.

No word if the Blue Devils reacted to the goal by taking their defenseman off the “easy” setting.

Oakley previously played for the Wheeling Nailers, Bakersfield Condors, Evansville Icemen and South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL. He did not score 101 points in any of those seasons.