She has a Luc Robitaille armpit tattoo and grew him natural playoff beard (PHOTO)

Puck Daddy

The Los Angeles Kings have captured the Stanley Cup. The 2012 NHL Playoffs are over. Hence, it's time for the annual shaving of the playoff beards, as players and fans lose their postseason foliage until next spring — provided they're again honored with a playoff run to sustain the scruff.

That goes for you too, ladies. Especially if you've been growing a playoff beard for your Luc Robitaille armpit tattoo:

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This arrived last night via reader Ryan Malia, who writes:

"I met this woman at the bar tonight watching the game, she had a Luc Robitaille armpit tattoo, and she grew him a playoff beard. Epic."

Because sometimes you need to ink up your armpit to support your favorite player ... Because sometimes playoff tradition trumps the society norms of body grooming ...

Because it's the Cup.

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