Sharks fans get elimination, along with buttermilk and champagne, thrown in their faces (Video)

Sharks fans lose the annual playoff bet.

You may recall San Jose Sharks fans Brian DeBelle and Brian Beltz from last postseason, when they were forced to affix LA Kings tattoos to their lower backs and subject themselves to the ridicule and scorn of the Internet after their Sharks were eliminated by their co-workers' Los Angeles Kings.

We laughed at them along with the rest of the world, and offered some helpful advice: "Stop making playoff bets, Sharks fans."

These two chose not to heed that advice. And so, for the second consecutive year, San Jose failed to get past LA, the Brians once again found themselves on the losing end of the High Rank Websites office bet.

This year's bet was a little different. "This time, we wanted to make sure that fans of the losing team felt the pain of each loss," Beltz explained. "So, naturally, we decided to hurl things at each other’s faces and capture it in super slow motion."

Simply put: your team loses, you get a faceful of something. You thought it was bad enough when Sharks fans had their team's complete inability to win in the postseason once again thrown in their faces? It's a even worse when that's followed by eggs, water balloons, champagne, and buttermilk.

Frickin' buttermilk.

"Expired buttermilk not only smells terrible, it gets in your nose and mouth and makes you want to vomit when it’s thrown in your face," Beltz explained in a blog post over at High Rank's website (which also featurs slo-mo GIFs of each day's punishment). "It took one Sharks fan three showers to get the spoiled milk smell off."

That may be a metaphor for the entirety of Sharks fandom.

In closing, we'll say it once again: stop making playoff bets, Sharks fans. Isn't cheering for the Sharks in the playoffs enough punishment?