Sharks announcer gets $99 ticket on Wayne Gretzky Drive

Wayne Gretzky Drive, located in Edmonton, is a 3-mile stretch of road christened for No. 99 in Oct. 1999.

Like many roads, it has speed cameras to catch motorists that exceed the speed limit of 80 km or around 50 MPH – as San Jose Sharks play-by-play man Randy Hahn discovered recently.

As we mentioned in Thursday’s Puck Headlines, Hahn received a letter in the mail from his car rental company claiming that a speed camera caught him during a recent road trip, although it failed to mention exactly how fast he was traveling.

Consider he’s a hockey commentator. Consider this was Wayne Gretzky Drive As Hahn wrote on this Sharks blog, the total for the ticket is then rather hilarious:

When I took a closer look at the ticket, I was floored.

I was speeding on Wayne Gretzky Drive and my ticket was for 99 dollars. Either that's a planned thing so people don't feel so bad about paying the fine or its one of the greatest coincidences ever!

Too bad it wasn’t a traffic stop so Hahn could honor another Hall of Famer’s tradition and offer the cop a billion dollars …

Hahn said he plans on framing the ticket. We assume he’ll also pay the fine. If this isn't a coincidence and Canadian authorities do in fact tie their moving violation fines to the sweater numbers of the road’s namesakes, might we suggest Hahn stick with Johnny Bower Parkway or Damian Roads.

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