Sharks' Antti Niemi goes old school for Stadium Series mask (Photo)

Outdoor games in the NHL mean new jerseys to purchase for fans and special gear for goaltenders. The upcoming Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium between the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks will be no different.

Sharks netminder Antti Niemi is going old school for his mask and taking a page out of Jonathan Quick's LA Kings 40th anniversary look, inspired by Rogie Vachon:

Dave Gunnarsson
Dave Gunnarsson

From mask artist Dave Gunnarsson:

Antti reached out to me to have his Stadium mask painted, he had a very cool idea and I loved it. He wanted to make the mask into an old school mask, with a very special paint job on it. It is the same paint job as Antti's goalie coach had when he was a goalie. Now we just twisted it into a Sharks design…

These masks are always interesting because the details of the hair and ears make it look like something you might find in a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie.

Now comes the question if Niemi will go old school brown in his selection of what pads, glove and blocker to wear in two weeks, or maybe just be like Marc-Andre Fleury and break out an all-teal set.