Shane Doan has no idea why he was given a Skittles hockey stick (VIDEO)

"It is a real hockey stick, and it's covered in Skittles. That's the extent of it."

As you may have heard, Shane Doan of the Phoenix Coyotes was recently given a hockey stick covered in Skittles, as the candy brand said it wanted to "reward him for a great season since he's such a big fan."

As you'll see in the following video, "big fan" is a debatable label, as Doan doesn't seem to have any idea why he was chosen to receive a quasi-edible twig:

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From the Coyotes:

"The reason I got the stick I'm not totally sure on. I enjoy Skittles. They're, I mean, they taste very good. But I'm not an avid consumer of Skittles. My kids enjoy Skittles. That was probably bigger for me, as my kids like going to the movies and kids like eating Skittles at the movies. So I thought it'd be pretty cool for them, to show them a stick made of them. Which is unique, and something I never thought I'd be holding a stick made, top to bottom, full of Skittles."

So say we all. Doan did say he was pleased the stick was made of tropical flavors, which are the best flavors of Skittles. He also said it's a functioning piece of hockey gear, which means there's a chance you could take out some Chiclets with a Skittles stick.

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