Shane Doan hits Kings’ Lewis from behind in Game 2; Shanaban for Coyotes captain?

The Phoenix Coyotes are in enough trouble as it is. Despite adjustments -- stapling Boyd Gordon to Anze Kopitar, for instance -- they were outshot by a wide margin by the Los Angeles Kings for the second game in a row.

Now, to make matters worse, they'll have to worry about whether Shane Doan will be available for Game 3, after the Phoenix captain hit Trevor Lewis into the end boards from behind late in the second period of Game 2.

Doan was slapped with a 5-minute major for boarding and a game misconduct. But will that be all, or will NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan see this hit fit for supplemental discipline?

(First things first: For the last time, yes, if you compare this to Shea Weber's unsuspended turnbuckling of Henrik Zetterbeg, this shouldn't be suspended either. So here's what I suggest: don't compare it to that. Chalk that one up as a terrible, bizarro world call that should have no bearing on what Shanahan does here.)

Doan can argue that Lewis turned immediately prior to the hit, which he did, and that's typically a mitigating factor. But one wonders if Shanahan will take issue with the way he follows through after making contact.

One thing Shanahan is sensitive to is intent. It's tough to prove, but if he can find it, he tends to bring the hammer down. If he views that follow-through as an outward showing of the Coyote captain's frustration, the quick turn defence could be out.

It won't help that Doan's a serious repeat offender, having been suspended for three games last season, suspended three games this season, and fined for a boarding infraction in between. Might that be enough to push a potential fine into ban territory?