Shane Doan’s Coyotes future probably not helped by Steely Dan tribute song (VIDEO)

While Phoenix Coyotes fans are on pins and needles (and, conversely, needles and pins) about Shane Doan's future with the franchise, singer Tim Crispy had decided to get proactive.

Here's Crispy enticing Doan to remain in Glendale with the stirring AM radio-esque tune "Hey Nineteen", a tribute/parody sung to the tune of … er … "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan.

Sample prose:

"Hey 19/
No, you can't leave the valley (no you can't leave the valley)/
No, you can't change teams/
Please take less cash/
Don't pull a Steve Nash."

Wait, so is that in reference to Doan flirting with the Los Angeles Kings?

The latest in Doan, via Elliotte Friedman's awesome "44 Thoughts" season finale of his column:

Shane Doan: ESPN's Craig Custance quoted a GM as being "90-per-cent sure" Doan will turn to the Coyotes. That's probably true, but I really wonder how much he's being tempted. Only a fool underestimates the Coyotes on-ice, a brilliantly run and coached organization full of players who compete beyond belief. But, Doan's getting great offers to play with the Sedins or Pavel Datsyuk or Sidney Crosby or Claude Giroux or Joe Thornton. He'll be 36 in October. How hard is he thinking about trying to win a Cup on a high-revenue team for the first time in his career?

According to his agent, there is mutual interest between Shane Doan and winning a Stanley Cup …