Sexy Phil Kessel; Girardi to don visor; Vanek never asked for trade (Puck Headlines)

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• The Internet had a little fun with that Phil Kessel photo. [Capitals Hill]

• The top secret agenda for Team Canada's Olympic orientation camp: "11:30 - Group Discussion: What's the deal with everyone in Calgary constantly staring at us like they haven't seen a half-decent hockey player in years?" [Down Goes Brown]

• Mike Babcock doesn't think the goalie decision will be that hard to make. “One of these goalies will be hot going in,” he said. “Everyone will know who’s playing goal for Canada.” [Yahoo!]

• Because he saw what happened to Marc Staal and he'd liked to continue being able to see other things, Dan Girardi will be wearing a visor next season. [NJ]

• Speaking of Marc Staal, he's feeling pretty good these days. "I went out with Jordan and Jared for a skate, and after the skate I realized I hadn't thought about it once," Staal said. "While I was doing all the drills, quick drills, things like that, my focus wasn't on thinking about what I was doing, it was more about just doing it. Right after that skate I was like, 'OK, this is going to be fine.'" [NHL]

• Brian Burke thinks Russia's anti-gay laws are "repugnant", and says he won't be holding back his opinion while there for fear of prosecution. As if he was even capable of such a thing, anyway. [North Jersey]

• Meanwhile, Igor Kleyner argues that there's some selective moral outrage going on in regards to Russia's anti-gay laws. [RMNB]

• Thomas Vanek on asking for a trade: "No, I never asked to be traded so when people do mention it, I’m surprised. Did I think I was going to get traded, no, because I never once went in there and said I don’t want to be here." [WGR 550]

• If this chart makes no sense to you, read the post, but basically the Penguins should never let Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin leave the ice. [mc79 Hockey]

• Jason Spezza isn't overly concerned about the orientation camp snub. [Senators Extra]

• Cam Fowler says it's hard to focus on grudges when you're trying to make a national team. "It's pretty much non-existent, there's no time for that. If you're trying to make Team USA it's about Team USA, it's not about the Kings, the Sharks and the Ducks. You're all striving for one common goal and that's the 100 percent truth, that's how it works." [Eye on Hockey]

• The top 10 right wingers in the Metropolitan division. [Japers' Rink]

• David Poile tells a story about the 1980 Olympics that, amazingly, you may have never heard before. [Sporting News]

• "This is the story of how the Bruins helped me tolerate chemotherapy." [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

• The Windsor Spitfires have stood by player Ben Johnson since he was charged with two counts of sexual assault at the end of last season, which is, in a word, problematic. [Buzzing the Net]

• Speaking of words, here are two to remember when you're drafting your fantasy team: confirmation bias. [Dobber Hockey]

• Jay Baruchel talks Goon 2, which he hopes to be filming by this time next year. [Montreal Gazette]

• Shocker: the real secret to winning at home isn't keeping opposing fans out of the building: it's being better than your opponent. [Blackhawk Up]

• Alex Barkov skates with the Panthers for the first time. [Panther Parkway]

• The KHL preseason is underway. Here's a pretty goal created by Maxym Kvitchenko.

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