Sergei Samsonov comeback; Neuvirth on Ovechkin decline; NHL rules summit (Puck Headlines)

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• Via Dave's Geeky Hockey, it's the Mystery Machine hockey sweater: "When doing a design like this, color sensibilities go out the window, very much like a bride-to-be choosing bridesmaid dresses for her friends. Speaking of weddings I skimped on the floral arrangements here — less is more." []

• Defending Big D asks: Should the Dallas Stars go red, white and blue? [Defending Big D]

• Speaking of jerseys, Icethetics offers an update on potential Winter Classic sweaters and what the Chicago Blackhawks may or may not be doing with a third jersey. [Icethetics]

• Washington Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth continued his candor. On Alex Ovechkin: "He isn't what he used to be, that's for sure. And if a team like ours wants to have a chance at the Stanley Cup, we need Ovi to be the best." On Alex Semin: "If Semin wanted to, he could have been the best player in the world, but he doesn't want to every day. And that's wrong." [Russian Machine Never Breaks, which now offers a clarification on both parts of their Neuvirth interview]

• Here a bit from Mark Spector, previewing Colin Campbell's committee and its analysis of obstruction, interference and standards of enforcement. [Sportsnet]

• The Edmonton Oilers and Taylor Hall are getting close on an extension. [Edmonton Journal]

• Sergei Samsonov will be getting a tryout with the San Jose Sharks according to his agent Igor Larionov, if and when training camp ever arrives. Hey, give him a 1-year deal; he'll play out of his mind because it's a contract season. [Edmonton Journal, via Kukla; UPDATE from Joe Haggerty: "Just heard from Sergei Samsonov's agent Neil Abbott. There's been no deal w/Sharks as of yet. They're speaking w/several teams about Samsonov."]

• Down Goes Brown compares the NBA, NFL and NHL labor disputes. For the NHL: "There's a sense of urgency from the owners, since an extended 2012 lockout could disrupt their advance planning for the 2017 and 2021 lockouts." [DGB]

• Here's a good look at the strange saga of Paul Ranger, the former Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman now trying to make a comeback with the Toronto Marlies. [Raw Charge]

• Hockey in the Bronx! It's like "Rumble in the Bronx" except it's actually in the Bronx rather than filmed in Vancouver. [Crain's, via JerseyShorePuck]

• Good stuff from the Nashville Predators' Skate of the Union event, including David Poile: "You can't replace a player like Ryan Suter, but we have the depth and talent to do so by committee. Roman Josi will take up some minutes.The coaches will have to get players on the ice in the right situation and with the right combinations." [View From 111]

• Mike Rucki doesn't have tolerance for a work stoppage: "So get it done, folks. Drop the damned puck." [OFB]

• Dave Davis defends his interview with Hockeyy Insiderr, which apparently needed defending. [Sabres Observer]

• "Nino Niederreiter Is The Worst Position Player By GVT" [The Puck Stops Here]

• Jeff Klein goes into deeper detail on the NHLPA's revenue sharing plans, including how profits would be handed back to the League's struggling teams. [NY Times]

• Some agents find Scott Hartnell's 6-year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers to be baffling. [CSN Philly]

• Finally, here is one of the "10 of the worst acting performances by NHL players in commercials." His name is John Scott. [Backhand Shelf]

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