Sergei Kostitsyn gets blown up on open-ice hit, leading to KHL revenge fight (VIDEO)

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Ever since Sergei Kostitsyn said he wanted to see the NHL season cancelled so he could remain in the KHL, we were trying to figure out the motivations for the Nashville Predators winger turned Avangard Omsk player.

Perhaps, for example, he could get away with things on KHL ice that he couldn't in the NHL; like, say, skating through the middle of the offensive blueline with his head down. Were that the case, Alexei Litvinenko of Barys Astana gave him an education with an open-ice hit on Friday:

That was some Scotty Stevens sweet chin music right there.

Oh, and isn't it comforting to know that even the KHL isn't immune to the fight-after-a-clean-hit syndrome that's affected the NHL for years? That's former Montreal Canadiens draft pick and New York Rangers farmhand Pavel Valentenko attempting to avenge Kostitsyn, and in the process violating one of the unwritten rules of KHL hockey: Never fight a bald man who used to play for Vityaz Chekhov.

Omsk won the game in OT, 3-2. Kostitsyn ended up playing 18:26 on the night.

s/t Steve Dangleovski

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