Senators draft pick hilariously snubs Gary Bettman's handshake attempt (Video)

Senators draft pick hilariously snubs Gary Bettman's handshake attempt (Video)

Colin White, congratulations. You just did what every hockey fan has always wanted to do. You snubbed Gary Bettman’s handshake.

Behold the amazing video of this shunning in live action when the Ottawa Senators picked White, an American born forward, No. 21 overall (S/t Wade McAdam):

The best part about this is White going up to Bettman as if to shake his hand and then turning away. PSYCHE! He probably shook Bettman’s hand first and then opted to not do it again. Sadly, the Vine doesn’t show this maybe happening. Editing perhaps? Also, the kid just got drafted. His mind was probably all over the place.

Bettman is the one commissioner of a major pro sports league who seems to not just get booed, but also revel in the booing. One day he shall put his hand to his ear during the boos. And it will be glorious.

As for a scouting report on White, Neate Sager from our Buzzing the Net notes White is a two-way player, though there are questions about his offensive upside.

Said The Hockey Writers on White:

A determined and diligent worker in all three zones, White is that all-around forward that every team wants to have in their lineup. He isn’t the most elegant skater, but he’s patient with the puck and gets the job done in the offensive zone. White will outwait opponents to set up his teammates. He can score goals, too, however he doesn’t have the quickest shot or release and relies more on his stickhandling.

Now we can add ‘doesn’t know handshake timing’ into his repertoire of skills.

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