Selanne’s son tweets disapproval, suggests roster move for Boudreau

Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning from them.

Just ask Eemil Selanne, son of Ducks forward Teemu Selanne. He is learning a very important lesson today: whatever you say on the internet is here forever. Not only is it here forever, it travels very quickly around the world. And when your father is a future Hall of Famer already in the midst of a big news-cycle of his own, it spreads even faster. (That's what she said.)

The younger Selanne, 18, tweeted his displeasure over his father's healthy-scratch for tonight's playoff game against the Dallas Stars by way of a roster move I don't think is allowed under the current CBA.

It's not difficult to empathize with the teen's anger. To us, he's Teemu Selanne, hockey legend; to Eemil, he's dad.

(If the tweet gets deleted, go here.)