Sean Avery: Not in NHL playoffs, getting a handle on semi-nude modeling (PHOTO)

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Terry Richardson is a fashion photographer whose provocative photos push sexual boundaries. Sean Avery is, well, Sean Avery. So when the two met up for a shoot in Richardson's studio, the results were rather … here's a thousand words:

Eight photos from the session turned up on Richardson's Tumblr (NSFW) and are available in a gallery on Socialite Life (NSFW). They include the uncensored version (altogether now — NSFW!) of the photo seen above, in which Avery uses a hand-warmer. There are also some shots of Avery pretending to be Richardson.

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No, before you get all sour about Richardson unleashing SemiNudeAvery on an unsuspecting public, please know he also gave the world the Kate Upton "Cat Daddy" YouTube video. So it all evens out.

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