Scott Wedgewood's new Devils mask features 'Seinfeld's' David Puddy (Photo)

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The two biggest New Jersey Devils fans I know are Greg Wyshynski and Seinfeld's David Puddy. Unfortunately for the boss of this here hockey blog, he isn’t featured on a goalie mask.

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Devils AHL netminder Scott Wedgewood has a new mask featuring a certain character from the very popular 1990s television show.


Dave Gunnarsson
Dave Gunnarsson

Painted by the great Dave Gunnarsson, Wedgewood’s mask features a number of Devils logos, but most importantly the man who just wanted to let them know he was out there.

Wedgewood told Neate Sager of Buzzing the Net in 2010 how he got tied to Puddy in the first place.

"People used to always say to my dad, you named Mark after St. Mark and Paul after St. Paul, but there's no St. Scott," relates the 18-year-old Brampton, Ont., native, the youngest of Brenda amd Mike Wedgewood's three sons.

"He'd go, 'well, Scott's the devil.' And I was picked by the Devils.”

"My brother put that picture [of Puddy] on his Facebook page and tagged me in it as 'the Devil,' so it was kind of funny," he said.

Gotta support the team.

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