Scott Hartnell’s stick invades interview and other awkward Pierre McGuire moments (VIDEO)

As we've noted before, no player in the NHL has had a more dramatic change in reputation than Scott Hartnell this season for non-Philadelphia Flyers fans. What once was an agitating nudge with goofy hair and an inability to stay on his skates — who, incidentally, would also do all the little things to help defeat your team —  is now the clown prince of the League.

Look no further than his stick work during Pierre McGuire's pregame interview on NBC with Claude Giroux before Game 1 against the New Jersey Devils (via The 700 Level):

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It's really the nuzzling of Pierre's shoulder 23 seconds in that makes the clip; but McGuire, ever the pro, doesn't break character to start flailing at the thing. Or he wears full shoulder pads under his jacket. One of the two.

So there's the latest in the pantheon of awkward Pierre McGuire moments between the benches, joining such legendary clip as …

Kris Letang trolls a Pierre McGuire interview:

Pierre McGuire hugs Rob Ray, and Rob Ray is not amused:

And, perhaps the grand daddy of them all: Marty Turco mocks Pierre McGuire:

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