Scott Hartnell gets weepy Sarah McLachlan tribute video for Flyers fans

Scott Hartnell was a fan favorite in Philadelphia. Well, at least until many of those fans decided his salary and foot speed were not longer palatable.

But they’ll always have the memories.

Weep not for them. 

Here’s a Sarah McLachlan scored tribute to Hartnell’s tenure with the Philadelphia Flyers. It’s the best Sarah McLachlan-themed Flyers video since that one asking if anyone would adopt Danny Briere after his buyout.

What an injurious goofball that man was.

That “Hartnell Down” montage in the middle was a thing of beauty, as was his “Suck It, Phaneuf!” from the 2012 All-Star Game. (Remember those?)

That All-Star Game, by the way, was when Hartnell’s enthusiasm and joy for the game was at its zenith. From the Hartnell Down stuff to the “Sedin Triplet” line to the rest of his silly “happy to be here” act, it was infectious.

Eventually, the Flyers could be a better team without him. But it’s hard to imagine anyone ever replacing Scott Hartnell.