‘Scott Gomez Can’t Put Anything In’: The ‘Hey Jude’ of Scott Gomez protest songs (Video)

As we near the one-year anniversary of Gomez's last tally, the outcry in Montreal is really kicking into high gear. Recently, we've come across the least expensive pub promotion of all time; and the ever-helpful DidGomezScore.com, which reminds us that he's two days from a full sun cycle since his last lit lamp.

It's a full-fledged movement, but what would a movement be without a movement-defining protest song?

Thankfully, now we have one. I give you, "Scott Gomez Can't Put Anything In", a charmingly rickety acoustic ballad from a few Montreal Canadiens fans that, clearly, have listened to a great deal of The Beatles and Stephen Lynch.

There's so much gold here I don't even know where to begin. The gently off-key falsetto backup vocals. The car graffiti. The guest appearances of Randy Cunneyworth, the Queen of England and Youppi. The fact that Gomez tries to put on his shoes and they wind up hanging from a power line. It's all pretty great.

The song and video are the work of group of guys that call themselves the Insomniacs: Frederick Coté on vocals, guitar and drums, Devon Jolander with backup vocals, sound editing and lyrics, Nick Grimond with backup vocals, lyrics and video production, and Vincent Pivin-Dans with a guest appearance for the Queen's "and me."

They have promised a few more hockey culture satire songs in the coming months. We look forward to it.