Schneider starts for Canucks in Game 4; Hossa stays home; Boudreau on playoff violence (Puck Headlines)

Harrison Mooney

• Channel 7 news in Miami thinks FIU Panthers beat the New Jersey Devils Tuesday night. That's embarrassing for everybody. [Darren Rovell]

• Marian Hossa won't play Thursday. According to Joel Quenneville, he's at home resting. [Adam Jahns]

• Cory Schneider will start for the Canucks in Game 4. Jason Botchford asks: Is the Roberto Luongo era over in Vancouver? [The Province]

• Has Daniel Alfredsson played his last home game with the Ottawa Senators? [Ottawa Citizen]

• Elliotte Friedman's always excellent 30 thoughts. Interesting to hear about Francois Allaire's frustration: "Here is the scoop on Maple Leafs goalie coach Francois Allaire: He is telling people he is fed up with being made a scapegoat in Toronto and is considering retiring from the league to concentrate on his goalie school. The 'scapegoating' is not coming from inside the organization as GM Brian Burke took pains to publicly defend him." [CBC]

• Bruce Boudreau on the disturbing trend of playoff violence: "I don't think of it as a disturbing trend, I think of it as hockey. To me in sport, is this not want the fans want? It's exciting, it is so competitive. You want as a team, as an athlete of where you grew up to be competitive. It's a rough sport. Twenty-five years ago, people would be saying boo about this but everyone is so politically correct now that everybody is worried about everything." [CBC]

• The worst New Jersey Devils player in their series with the Florida Panthers: Anton Volchenkov. What's his deal? [In Lou We Trust]

• Sidney Crosby, on the Philadelphia Daily News calling him the Cowardly Penguin: "That's one of the nicer things they've said about me here." [Dave Molinari]

• Via Greg D., Brendan Shanahan suspends the pane of glass that took out David Krejci.

• Dennis Seidenberg is pretty excellent. [Boston Globe]

• What's more embarrassing to the Toronto Maple Leafs? Thirty-three percent of their fans saying they're embarrassed to cheer for the team, or the fact that only 3 percent of Toronto Raptors fans said the same thing? When you're 30 percent more embarrassing than the Raptors, something has gone horribly wrong. [Toronto Star]

• Joe O'Connor chats with Walter Gretzky, who has lost nearly 20 years of memories due to a brain aneurysm. [National Post]

• Ryan Kesler is blowing up at the HF Boards. Or at least blowing by. Here are the 6 best Ryan Kesler tumbleweed gifs. [PITB]

• The Daniel Sedin hologram photoshop here is excellent. [The Royal Half]

• The NHL must legislate honor. [Hockey Independent]

• The 15 cleanest teams in the NHL since April 10. [Winging it in Motown]

• Citizens are outraged by a weird, smelly pile of hockey bags that's appeared outside of a home in Toronto. What the heck? [Toronto Star]

• And finally, the third video in Adam Mackay-Smith's fabulous Johnny Canuck series. Even if you're not a Canucks fan, these short films are fantastically done.