Who says there isn’t great goaltending in Russian hockey? (VIDEO)

Watch the following play from a Kazzinc-Torpedo game in the VHL (a.k.a. the KHL's feeder league). Watch the passing, watch the set-up and the position of the shooter. And then watch goalie Sergey Ogureshnikov engage in some robbery.

Alas, no replay on the clip, so play it large on your screen to see one of the better glove saves of the year — if not for the quality of the stop, than for the acrobatic flourish. Frankly, it looked like the dude shanked his one-timer. Which is as painful as it sounds.

Great to see a positive goaltending highlight from Russia, after so many goalie gaffes we've featured. Then again, many of those gaffes involved minor league NHL goalies playing in Russia. Maybe we're the problem …

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