Save of the year? David Aebischer has the magic stick, and torments Linus Omark (VIDEO)

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Former Colorado Avalanche and Montreal Canadiens goalie David Aebischer is now tending goal for Rapperswil-Jona Lakers of the National League A.

According to this YouTube video, he recently made the "Best 2 Saves in Hockey History" in a 3-2 shootout loss against EV Zug. Yes, you read that right: hockey history.

Hyperbole aside, those were an incredible pair of stick saves by Aebischer: Sliding over to cover a gaping net and deflect a shot away; and then a preposterous lunge with his stick to steal a goal from the Zug shooter. The first save was solid; that second one might shove it's way into Save of the Year contention (especially since he won't be facing much competition from the NHL ... sniff).

That shooter, from the sounds of the video and the YouTube summary: Edmonton Oilers shootout ace and unappreciated forward Linus Omark.

Weep not for Linus: He had a goal and assisted on a Henrik Zetterberg tally later in the game. But he'll still no doubt be haunted by David Aebischer's stick. Which sounds awkward.

It's this kind of play that earned Aebischer a 1-year extension on his contract with the Lakers, who said in the announcement: "With strong performances and spectacular saves, David Aebischer played in the hearts of our fans." Sounds messy.

s/t Dirty Dangle

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