Sausage-throwing Boston fan sought for Tyler Seguin shootout disruption (VIDEO)

At the start of the shootout against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night, Boston Bruins star Tyler Seguin skated in on Johan Hedberg. Suddenly, something flew onto the ice from the TD Garden stands, right behind the goaltender.

It looked like either a banana, a carafe of urine or, upon further review, a sausage sandwich.

Seguin scored; the official conferred; and the ruling was that Seguin would shoot again due to a foreign object entering the playing surface, a violation of Rule 24.4:

If, while the penalty shot is being taken, a spectator throws any object onto the ice or, in the judgment of the Referee, interferes with the player taking the shot or the goalkeeper defending the shot, he shall permit the shot be taken again.

Seguin took the shot again, and scored; the Bruins eventually won the skills competition, 2-1, thanks to a goal by Brad Marchand – a hot dog scoring on sausage night.

Which brings us back to the flying food item that interrupted the shootout. Who threw it? Why did they throw it? Was it a sinister Devils sleeper agent that wanted to thwart Seguin? Was it a cunning Bruins fan that mistakenly thought that Marty Brodeur was in goal and would be immediately distracted by an airborne pork product?

Like Vancouver fans trying to out rioters, Boston fans are attempting to I.D. the Beantown Sausage Bomber – and may have a suspect.

Here’s video of the shootout (via The Boston Globe); watch until the end when the video editor believes they’ve discovered the perp:

From a poster on the HFBoards’ Boston Bruins forum named ‘Lordstanley’:

I couldn't believe that [expletive]dirtbag who was in Loge 3. The scum had a black bandana on and walked toward my seat in loge 4 after he threw what looked like a JJ sausage toward the Jersey goalie. First thing that came to mind was , what stupid Jersey boy threw that and would the B's lose a goal from this jack--- . I wanted to just grab the scum and pound him for the B's , but with the way my day was going I would have been brought up on charges , considering i had my 12 year old son with me and a late 1 hour drive home. Glad the B's pulled this one out from you know where

And when another member identified him in the video:

Yes that is the rat in Loge 3 / row - 7 ......he was alone and looked out of place , I think that rat was a jersey boy trying to screw the B's.

A Jersey Boy trying to screw the B’s? Well, there goes our prime suspect:

So who was this bun-chucker?

And will they meet the same fate as the Toronto Waffle Tosser, who was banned from the arena after throwing frozen breakfast treats at Phil Kessel?