San Jose Sharks unveil their own two-toned Stadium Series jersey (Photo)

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San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks

There’s Marc-Edouard Vlasic showing off what the San Jose Sharks will wear in February when they face the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL Two-Toned Stadium Series game at Levi’s Stadium.

The jerseys the Kings will wear leaked earlier this month, with the Sharks’ designs not far behind them getting out there on the Internet. On Friday, though, the team officially unveiled them:

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From the Sharks:

While grounded in tradition hockey uniform design motifs, the 2015 Stadium Series uniforms re-interpret these elements in a more streamlined and amplified way. As part of this design process, the Reebok Design Team, NHL, and the San Jose Sharks worked together to reduce the elements of the uniform design down to its core design markers. Designers then explored how to take this core set of motifs and turn up the visual volume on them. One question repeated throughout the process was “If you can’t see it from 200 yards away, does it need to be there?” The final result are uniforms that still look like hockey uniforms, but are streamlined and bold in their visual.

Take a drink for every buzz word! 

There are elements to like in the Sharks jerseys. Take this neat shoulder patch, for instance:

San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks

But then there's this on the inside collar:

San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks

The fact that the NHL and Reebok have gone away from using chrome, something that was the focus of last year's Stadium Series jerseys, is a bonus, but where's the individuality in these designs? Why do they have the same design scheme? There couldn't have been some sort of modified vintage look used for both teams?

Give us a modernized Pat Falloon look versus the Wayne Gretzky-era black and white (and logo) with a Burger King patch on the shoulder. Done deal.

The Kings, meanwhile, will officially reveal their jerseys on Tuesday night, and sadly, they won't be bringing back the Burger King.




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