Sajak photobombs Crosby; yet another Doan update; Detroit Cougars? (Puck Headlines)

Harrison Mooney

• This cool photo comes to us from Oke Millett. "I'm currently working in Papua New Guinea... I'm a member of the Hash House Harriers. I'm walking around this evening, and I pass by this woman selling betel nuts on the side of the road. I see her kid's shirt, and I do a double-take."

• Wherein Pat Sajak somehow photo-bombs this Sidney Crosby hockey card. [Deadspin]

• Labour update! Nothing is happening. But everybody's being respectful, thank God. [Globe & Mail]

• Are ads coming to hockey sweaters? [SI Red Light]

• According to Larry Brooks, it's believed that Shane Doan has shortened his shortlist to Pittsburgh, New York, or Vancouver. [NY Post]

• The Sharks are also pursuing him, but do they already have him? [Fear the Fin]

• The Detroit Red Wings are starting up a female fan club and asking for fans to help vote on the name. "As of Sunday evening, voters overwhelmingly went with 'Lady Wings,' followed by 'Detroit Cougars,' a homage to the Red Wings' former team name." Oh gosh. Listen, Detroit, if you go with the latter name your club will take on a very different persona. [Detroit Free Press]

• The Wild might trade a contract or two, but with their prospect depth and their roster reshuffling, they're wisely going to wait until training camp. [Russo's Rants]

• Eclectic crowd at Panini America's 2012 National VIP Party: Biz Markie, competitive eater Notorious B.O.B., Pudge Rodriguez, Gordie Howe. [Panini America]

• Wondering what's inside the NHL's 76,000 page financial report. Enjoy this amusing breakdown. [Jewels From the Crown]

• Five players the Flames need to step up in order for them to have a good season. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]

• Should the Ottawa Senators be interested in Evander Kane? Yeah, probably. He's pretty good. [Silver Seven Sens]

Following Alex Ovechkin's week in London. [Backhand Shelf]

• Examining Alex Ovechkin's impressive consistency. [Peerless Prognosticator]

• Why an offer sheet for P.K. Subban would likely fail to achieve its desired result. [SI Red Light]

• Tips on surviving a hockey-less summer. Good advice, although they forgot "drinking". [Sunbelt Hockey]

• Here's a video of the LA Kings thanking Rocco's Old School for all the support. Thing you can almost see: the gun pointed at their heads. Thing you can definitely see: Jon Quick is still quite drunk.