Sad announcing: Avalanche announcer Mike Haynes is a master no-seller

The Colorado Avalanche fell to the Columbus Blue Jackets in overtime Monday night, and while that fanbase can't be shocked when their club loses a game these days, it's always difficult to stomach a loss that happens the way this one did. Thanks to a late Jamie McGinn powerplay goal, the Avalanche led this game 3-2 with under two minutes to go. But only 35 seconds after McGinn put them ahead, R.J. Umberger tied the game for Columbus. The Blue Jackets went on to win in the final minute of overtime.

That's disappointing, and if you want an example of how disappointing, just listen to the incredible no-sell from Colorado's play-by-play guy, Mike Haynes:

"2-on-1 Jackets, but Duchene is flying back! Foligno shot! Score. And the Blue Jackets win in overtime, four to three."

Safe to assume he did the Charlie Brown walk all the way to his car that night. This may as well have been the final scene of "Bambi".

("Bambi's mom into the clearing. Hunter shot! Score. And Bambi is left to contemplate the brutality of man.")

It's the anti-call of the year, but don't think that this moment was just a one-off. People like to pick on Jack Edwards for occasionally appearing to have a rooting interest, but Haynes has shown his colours with these barely audible goal calls on more than one occasion.

They're amazing. Let's take a moment to appreciate the patented Mike Haynes no-sell.

It's not after every goal against. My qualitative analysis tells me he gets deathly quiet when the goal is the sign or the final moment of a collapse. The Blue Jackets' overtime winner in a game they were minutes from winning? That gets a sad call.

So to does this game-tying Kevin Bieksa goal, scored moments after Bieksa dove to save an empty-netter at the other end that would have iced the win for the Avalanche:

BIEKSA IN THE SLOT! LOOK OUT! Score. He's tied the game.

You'd think Haynes saw a photo of a puppy that needed adopting. He really sells the agony of the devastated Avalanche fan here. Granted, you're not typically supposed to do that from the booth. But I digress.

Here's David Legwand scoring an overtime winner to beat the Avalanche last season:

Pavel Datsyuk scoring an overtime winner a few weeks ago:

And finally, after the Avalanche have a chance at one end, Ales Hemsky of the Oilers brings the puck the other way and scores a goal that cuts their lead in half.

Three minutes later, the Oilers would score to tie the game. It's like Haynes knew, you guys. He knew.