Sabres radio station deals with lost draft lottery by singing 'Let it go' parody

Harrison Mooney
Buffalo Sabres center Cody Hodgson exits the Buffalo Sabres' locker room with his equipment after players gathered for the last time on Monday, April 14, 2014, after the NHL hockey team clinched the NHL's worst record, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Nick LoVerde)

For the 62nd time this season, the Buffalo Sabres finished second, losing the 2014 NHL draft lottery to the Florida Panthers, despite having the best odds by virtue of their last-place finish. They were dismayed. (Roberto Luongo, not so much.)

You could argue that the hockey gods are out to get them, but the hockey gods would likely counter with "ummmm butt goal?" 

In any case, Buffalo fans have taken it surprisingly well, with most simply accepting their fate and opting to let it go. And over at radio station WGR 550, Thom Cich has decided to sing a draft lottery-themed version of "Let it Go", the popular song from Disney's Frozen that's pretty much everywhere these days. As a fan of hockified song parodies, I love this:

I've got to give it up to Buffalo radio here, and not just for the vocal chops. (Actually, not for the vocal chops at all. There are no chops.)

If this had happened in Vancouver, rather than slipping the conspiracy theory into a song, the radio station would have taken calls on it for hours and at least one local columnist would have written about it how the league wanted Florida to get the pick to help with their attendance issues or something.

It's better sung. Everything is, especially when it's "Let it Go", the greatest song ever recorded, according to this six-year-old girl I met the other day.

I like the optimism at the end, too. Florida will probably screw it up, so picking behind them is like picking first. Good thinking.