Sabres Christmas house loves Thomas Vanek, inducing seizures

Harrison Mooney

(Ed. Note: No Trending Topics or Puck Previews tonight; we'll have coverage of the games and Three Stars later.)

When it comes to Christmas lights, I'm a curmudgeon. They're hard to put up, it's cold, you have to climb a ladder, they're always tangled, and so on. I'm the guy who spends ten minutes power-stapling a cheap string of lights around the garage and calls it a day.

But it's hard not to get behind the people that put a lot of effort into it. This house, for instance, is awesome, and doubly so if you're a Buffalo Sabres fan. The fabulous light show ends with Rick Jeanneret's call of a Thomas Vanek overtime goal versus the Washington Capitals. Seriously:

Awesome but nerdy tidbit some may have missed: that piece of music is from the final act of Aram Khachaturian's ballet, Gayane. It's called the "Sabre Dance". Brilliant.

But seriously, can you imagine living next door to this house? Heck, can you imagine living next door to this house if you were a Caps fan? The last thing you want is to relive that call once every two minutes from sundown to noise curfew.