Ryan Reaves does not appreciate your (skin) tone, EA Sports

EA Sports prides itself on accuracy and realism in its sports video games, from the ratings of players to the “if it’s in the game, it’s in the game” graphics.

But Ryan Reaves of the St. Louis Blues found one facet of its NHL series lacking in its attention to detail.

Let’s just say it’s an off-color misstep:

(We’re assuming it’s NHL 14 he’s speaking about, unless he’s playing a pre-release version of NHL 15.)

Do not adjust your contrast settings. That’s what Reaves tweeted on Monday, showing a slight skin-tone variation between the IRL and video game versions of the Blues brawler.

Hey, times are tough all over. Maybe EA Sports ran out of budget space and defaulted to using the “Subban template” for all black NHL players.

EA Sports has come under fire before for lack of facial accuracy, but that’s been through problems with its “game face” interface that puts users faces in the game. (See the great white guy beard issue for FIFA soccer.)

This one … well, this one’s a little more delicate. In the sense that they’ve apparently angered a man that can put his fist through the back of your head if properly motivated. Better hurry up with that expander pack …

The bright side of this was the conversation that developed on Twitter between Reaves, goalie Brian Elliott and former blue Chris Stewart which is all kinds of wonderful.

s/t St. Louis Game Time

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