Ryan Getzlaf to play in Game 2 after facial laceration, ‘numerous’ stitches (Photo)

On Tuesday night in Anaheim, Ryan Getzlaf was hit in the face by a slapshot. The Ducks captain immediately went to the locker room, leaving drops of blood behind on the ice.

Following the the game, there were multiple reports that Getzlaf sustained a deep facial laceration and required many stitches. Everyone was expecting to see a horrific mangled face the next time Getzlaf surfaced (a la Taylor Hall skate-to-face). Turns out it wasn't as bad as everyone expected. (Really, it isn't. I'm usually squeamish.)

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Getzlaf's older brother, Chris, a receiver for the Saskatoon Roughriders of the CFL, tweeted a picture of the cleaned up aftermath:

The Ducks released a statement this morning regarding the center's status for Game 2 on Friday:

Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf suffered a deep facial laceration ... he received numerous stitches, and x-rays were negative. Getzlaf is expected to play tomorrow night in Game 2.


As always, Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau had a unique perspective on Getzlaf and the injury:

“That’s why he’s the captain, won two gold medals and a Stanley Cup,” Boudreau said. “He’s learned from the Scotty Niedermayers and Chris Prongers who were here before him. He’s a battler and a gamer. He won’t look too pretty, but he’ll be playing.”

I've watched the Ducks for a long time, and I don't think Pronger or Niedermayer ever encouraged blocking slapshots with the face. (Jokes, people...)

Quote of the day goes to defenseman, Ben Lovejoy:

“Luckily he’s married with a couple of kids. He’s not out trying to impress people with his face. This is playoff hockey. I think he looks very good.”