Here’s Ryan Duncan, former Hobey Baker Award winner, after taking skate to face (PHOTO)

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Ryan Duncan won the 2007 Hobey Baker Award with the University of North Dakota, and he's currently a forward with the AHL Portland Pirates (an affiliate of the Phoenix Coyotes).

On Sunday afternoon, this happened:

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From the Press Herald, the skinny on how Duncan's face was beautified (in a hockey sense) by teammate Whale player Casey Wellman's skate:

Duncan was taken to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center by ambulance after his face was cut by Wellman's skate midway through overtime. Duncan was cut from one cheek under his nose to the other cheek.

"It's a nasty cut," [Pirates Coach Ray Edwards] said. "It wasn't bleeding that much, but we knew it was a bad one right away when he came to the bench. I just hope that they have a good plastic surgeon to sew him up."

According to Duncan, he did: Four and a half hours of getting stitched up, to the tune of 45 stitches, and the results are above. (Please note that Duncan hash-tagged his tweet with "#WhySoSerious"; but unlike The Joker, we know how he got those scars.)

Alas, when it comes to hockey players sharing their freak show scars through social media, Taylor Hall's Frankenstein head still has the lead. But an impressive entry into this ever-growing field of squirm imagery, Mr. Duncan.

s/t reader Brendan Joyce.

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