Roberto Luongo gets another start vs. Chicago; Cory Schneider doesn’t ‘cry himself to sleep’

Oh hi there goaltending controversy …

It’s a good thing Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider seem rather fond of each other, because things could be getting rather uncomfortable for the Vancouver Canucks otherwise.

The Canucks announced that Luongo will start against the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday night at home, marking the third straight start for the veteran “backup.” This after losing in a shootout to the Los Angeles Kings and shutting out the Colorado Avalanche last night.

Vancouver next plays at Edmonton on Monday.

Hosea Cheung of QMI spoke with Schneider who said he’s not crying himself to sleep over Luongo getting yet another start over The Anointed One:

"We're on the same team. Happy team won."

As we’ve said before: It’s in the Canucks’ best interests not to trade Luongo until after the season. You need two goaltenders to win in a 48-game sprint to the playoffs. If you have two elite ones on the roster – and Eddie Lack, presumed backup to Schneider after a Luongo trade, out with an injury – why not make a run at it with them?

Controversy? Sure. But in the Joe Montana vs. Steve Young sense.

Meanwhile, Luongo’s had the right mindset throughout the early part of the season: Have some fun, wait your turn and then seize it. Just like in Vancouver 2010 when he was wearing a Team Canada sweater.