Roberto Luongo busts out of 2013 World Series of Poker

Taking his mind away from the fact that he didn't get his wish to get traded from the Vancouver Canucks, Roberto Luongo participated in the World Series of Poker for the second straight year in Las Vegas.

Unlike last time, when he finished 634th and took home $19,277, Luongo busted out, going home empty handed.

We'll let the knowledgable ones at Poker Listings describe what happened:

The Montreal-born hockey player become short stacked early in the day was eliminated after shoving with straight and flush draws on the turn of a T♠ J♥ 8♦ K♠ board with 9♠ 8♠.

Luongo’s opponent called with king-ten for two pair. Luongo's massive draw missed completely when the board whiffed with the 2♥ on the river.

Luongo, backed again by, a government-run poker site, did last longer than his brother, Fabio, this year, but both ended up busting out. The Canucks' netminder spoke with Poker Listings, who has been filming a short documentary of Luongo's WSOP quest, after his tournament run ended.

Now it's bye bye, Vegas, hello, Vancouver... or maybe not. There's still two months before training camp for Luongo/Canucks soap opera to play out.

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