Robert Bortuzzo suspended two games for smashing Jaromir Jagr (Video)

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This is what happens when you crush a legend, Robert Bortuzzo

The Penguins defenseman was suspended two games for hitting Devils forward Jaromir Jagr, late, and up high near Jagr's head during their Tuesday evening tussle. 

Take it away Patrick Burke:

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A few things to take note of ... beyond Burke's powerful 'Ts' and 'Us' when saying "Bortuzzo."

One is that the NHL totally buries the main component of this video at the end -- that Jagr is "not expected" to miss "any more" time for the Devils.

Granted it's not the main purpose of the Department of Player Safety to give us injury status updates, but that is clearly a big deal, since the Devils haven't given any definitive word on Jagr's status. 

“We won’t know anything until this evening,” general manager Lou Lamoriello told The Record earlier Wednesday. “There’s nothing to report.”

Jagr did not return after the play, but a player's injury status does often play into suspensions. The league probably has some extra knowledge of Jagr's condition. 

In terms of the hit itself, Burke referred to it as "late" and "violent." 

Also, Bortuzzo is not a repeat offender, so that played in his favor when the suspension came down. 

As for the next time these teams play? Dec. 29, and Jordin Tootoo is pumped, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“Jagr's our best player. Someone takes him out, my job is to make sure that doesn't happen again. I mean … I asked the guy to go [plenty] of times. When you're a player that's going to run around and do [expletive] like that to our best players, my job is to take action and makes sure it's stopped right there.”


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