Rob Ford talks Olympic hockey, picks Anaheim to win the Cup (Video)

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You may know Rob Ford as the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto. But he's more than just a walking calamity whose misadventures are equal parts hilarious and horrifying. He's also a big-time sports fan!

Last week, Rob and his brother Doug did the most Canadian thing you can do (besides being named Rob and Doug), and talked a little hockey on their new YouTube talk show, Ford Nation. Want to know their Stanley Cup picks? Who will win the gold medal in Sochi? Their opinions regarding Sidney Crosby's hotness? It's all here, in this surreal three and a half minutes of meandering hockey discussion from Canada's most famous politician (sorry, Tommy Douglas).

You may be asking yourself, why does the mayor have a YouTube talk show that plays like an awkward Tim and Eric skit? Ssshhhh just go with it:

Doug Ford thinks Canada lost at the world juniors because the rest of the country is getting better. Rob Ford, however, thinks we've simply lost our way. "The Canadian type was a physical game... we hit, we hit, we hit, and then we win the game."

In other words, Rob Ford advocates hit after hit after hit, and not just of crack.

In fairness, the guy knows a thing or two about taking the body, after all. Remember that time he bowled over Councillor Pam McConnell? Doug Ford does. I'm pretty sure that's what he was alluding to when he said, "It kind of reminds me of politics" in response.

This segues into Olympic chatter, where both Fords take the bold stance that Canada will win gold. But they go one further. In a drastic misunderstanding of how the podium works, Rob and Doug say Canada could ice two teams, and they would both win the gold. One assumes the Fords believe these two teams would meet in the gold medal game, then hug and walk off the ice hand-in-hand like Bart and Lisa Simpson.

Ford also alludes to his disappointment that "some people never made the team", but he won't tell us who. I, for one, want to know who Rob Ford would have picked, because if there's one thing I think all of Canada can get behind, it's Rob Ford's judgment.

And speaking of Rob Ford's judgment, his Cup pick is the Anaheim Ducks. Sorry, Anaheim.

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