Riley Sheahan arrest video, ‘super drunk’ and dressed as a purple Teletubby (VIDEO)

Detroit Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan was arrested and charged with DUI on Oct. 29 for being "super drunk" — with a blood alcohol content of .30, nearly four times the legal limit.

But the reason you're no doubt familiar with his name is that he had teammate Brendan Smith's ID … and because he was dressed as a purple Teletubby at the time of his arrest.

We brought you the details of this tale of dumb jocks, reckless driving and beloved children's television characters on Monday; now, via ABC 13 WZZM, here is the Grand Rapids Police Department dash cam of Sheahan's arrest in all its purple-clad glory:

To quote the great Harrison Mooney: "It wasn't a television screen in Sheahan's belly. It was lots and lots of alcohol."

Kudos to Grand Rapids' finest for not doubling over in laughter and/or stopping the arrest to find out where Ashton Kutcher put the hidden cameras to prank them.

s/t John Pedrie