Rick Tocchet fails to declare $18K in Bahamas, gets it seized

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Former NHL player and coach Rick Tocchet was on his way to having a very merry Christmas until a U.S. Customs agent stepped in and spoiled the potential fun.

According to The Nassau Guardian, a Bahamian newspaper, Tocchet was arrested at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Dec. 23 for failing to declare that he was traveling with more than $10,000. The 17-year NHLer told the agent that he was not carrying more than $10,000, but when searched Tocchet was found to be holding $18,752.

Tocchet pleaded guilty to charges of making a false declaration and failing to declare and was let off with a warning.

Oh, and the Bahamian Chief Magistrate also ordered that Tocchet's $18,572 be seized. Bummer.

If you were wondering, there are three large casinos in The Bahamas, and as we know, Tocchet isn't necessarily a guy who's, ahem, shied away from a bet in the past.

Since being dismissed as head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tocchet has been an analyst on Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia. He's scheduled to participate in the Winter Classic Alumni Game on Saturday as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Photo credit: AP

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