Is Rick Nash next in line for a Shanaban after leaping head hit on Panthers’ Kopecky? (VIDEO)

Rick Nash didn't see a penalty for this elbow to the head of Tomas Kopecky in the New York Rangers' 3-1 loss to the Florida Panthers, but don't think he's out of the woods yet. Chances are the Department of Player Safety is going to have another look at this, and I'd be surprised if Nash escapes the long arm of the law the second time around.

What the Hell, Rick Nash.

As we said earlier today, when the Department of Player Safety catches you going the extra mile to turn your legal hit into an illegal headshot, you're in trouble, and Nash really gave this one some additional oomph.

Aftr Kopecky finds himself alone right in the slot, Nash races to knock the Panther forward off the puck. But he gets a tad overzealous. Not only does he leap to make head contact, but when he appears on the verge of overshooting Kopecky entirely -- Rick Nash has some serious vert, apparently -- he lowers his arms in order to connect.

Again: If not for two two adjustments made prior to the hit, he doesn't make contact ith the head. That seems... punishable.

He's not a repeat offender and Kopecky finished the contest on the bench, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Nash sit a game or two for this.

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