Rick Nash finally scores his first goal of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (Video)

There haven’t been many players more maligned for their lack of goals in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs than Rick Nash of the New York Rangers.

If it weren’t for Sidney Crosby’s inexplicable one goal performance for the Penguins, Nash’s goose egg entering Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final might qualify as the postseason’s most underwhelming performance by a star goal-scorer.

But seeing as how pretty much every player in a Rangers sweater was scoring on the Montreal Canadiens in Saturday afternoon’s 7-2 rout, even Nash got in on the act.

Nash scored 25 seconds after Derek Stepen extended the Rangers’ lead to 6-1, and was part of a three-power-play-goal run to open the third, as the Habs took three minor penalties in the first 3:08 of the period.

The Rangers power play was 3-for-7. Remember when, like Nash, it couldn’t score either?

It took him 14 games and 53 shots, but Rick Nash finally broke through.

He now has two goals in 27 playoff games for the Rangers.


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