Returning to Hockey Falls, where ESPN announcers seemed cool

Do you remember your first time in Hockey Falls?

How could you forget Dooger, the St. Louis Blues fan? Or Ray Orr, the obsessed Boston Bruins fan? What about Matt Poleski, a die-hard Blueshirt support? Or even Steve Park, the only other New Jersey Devils fans beside Wyshynski. (Ed. Note: Ouch.)

"Hockey Falls" were a series of hilarious Bud Light commercials that quickly reached cult status among hockey fans. The commercials also featured Phil Esposito, Bill Clement, Brian Engblom, and your head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Barry Melrose. (Clement, by the way, is doing Olympic duty for NBC this summer from New York. He also says he didn't return to Versus because of a contract dispute.)

Since I'm in a nostalgic mode this week considering it's Mario Lemieux We-...I mean, Wayne Gretzky Week, here's some of the best "Hockey Falls" commercials.

Even in street hockey, Melrose getting selected first in anything is always suspect.

The danger of Internet auction sites. "Whoever he is, I'm impressed."

The worst day of Ray Orr's life.

Engblom's smooth with the ladies. Clement's frightening mullet. And Melrose getting his hair done.

How do ESPN analysts got their info? From Dooger and Ray of course.

Melrose forgets the Bud Light. Rookies.

I heard the Bruins sent the same letter to Andrew Raycroft before shipping him out of town.

JP Barry's got nothing on Dooger.

In honor of "Gretzky Week", let's see #99 get creeped out.

For more "Hockey Falls" commercials, check out the saint otherwise known as "Dirtsoft" at YouTube. He's got 21 videos up, sure to keep you entertained.